Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Camping {Cloudland Canyon}

We left town for the Fourth of July to reconnect in our favorite way - camping.  It's a tiring thing to do.  There is so much prep work at home before leaving, and the whole set up and take down isn't exactly quick, especially with three little ones, but the memories are worth it.  

We drove three hours northwest to Cloudland Canyon State Park, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint.  The pictures cannot do this canyon justice.  It was truly awe-inspiring.

On Friday, we hiked to one of the two waterfalls on the grounds of the park.  It took about an hour or so, crossing over several large boulders and scaling alongside rock walls.  We went down a few hundred steps, and we were there.  The falls are in a cove, which was a beautiful sight, and we took the opportunity to rest a bit and take it all in. 



On Saturday, we made the short trip to Chattanooga to play in the fountain at Coolidge Park.  The last time we were in Chattanooga was four years ago, when Amelia was just a baby.  It was great visiting again.  That city is beautiful, the architecture of the bridges, the mountains framing the urban shops, the eclectic vibe of North Shore.  Each time we've visited, we've talked about moving there.  It's a great place!


Each night we spent around the campfire, enjoying the calm {and often, not so calm!}, listening to animals, watching the sun fall behind the trees, and waiting anxiously for the night's smores.  We had them every night.  Yep.  They were just that good.  And of course, with it being the Fourth of July, we had to break out the sparklers.  


Before we left on Sunday, we headed back up to the overlook to get a better look at the canyon and to get a few family pictures.

{this one was acting like she was flying!}

{first time using the timer on the camera - we were just happy it worked!}

Our kids may not remember these little trips when they are older, but getting away even for a few days like this time, adds such a richness to our lives that wouldn't be there otherwise.  It reminds me how it feels to really live - not just to make it through the days and weeks.  To get away from the distractions of life and just be together. 

I hope to have many more weekends of awesomeness with these people - building a life we love together. 


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