Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Laser Show plus Ten Things

Summer is coming to an end this week, and we've been squeezing out every last drop of it!  Last friday, the kids and I did something we NEVER do.... we got doughnuts.  I know, shocking.  But let me say, not having one for more than a year made me enjoy them even more!  They were so good I even texted a picture to Alex to let him know what was waiting at home {yeah, we're crazy food people, but that's okay}.

Saturday night, we went to the Laser Show at Stone Mountain Park.  We attempted to climb the mountain before hand, but the 90+ degree temps coupled with Momma not bringing enough snacks and water meant we only got about a third of the way up before we were all pretty much ready to head back down.  But the playground was shaded and we made it to the show in plenty of time to get a great spot on the lawn, and get our treats from the candy shop.  I think the kids enjoyed the fireworks at the end of the show the most.  I felt so great laying there on old blankets, memories of my own childhood experiences flooding back to me.  I smile now even thinking about it.  It's one of life's greatest treasures, creating memories with your children that they will carry on throughout life and perhaps, even recreate with their own children.


These last few days have got me thinking about expressing gratitude.

Gratitude journaling is not my strong suit.  I've tried it, but I can't seem to stick with it for more than a few days.  The thing is there have been so many little things that have put a smile on my face lately.  So much I want to remember.  So much I'm afraid I'll forget if I don't record it somewhere.  This blog space seems as good a place as any.  So here goes:

- ten things I'm cherishing right now -

1. The first sip of coffee each morning.
2. Seeing Gunner's sleepy face for the first time each day - the perfect mix of smiles and shyness.
3. Late night snuggles with Sadie and her insanely mature pillow talk.  Last night, for example, she told Alex and I that she clings to us at night because she's "just so connected" to us that it pains her to leave us even for the night.  I don't think I've ever known anyone as soulful and full of love as Sadie.
4. Listening to the bedroom door close in the morning as Amelia puts on her favorite cartoon and fixes herself some breakfast.  She has become so thoughtful in that regard.  Makes me smile every time.
5. Lazy afternoon movies and popcorn with the kids - only a few days left until school schedules and homework and hectic life picks up again.
6. Reaching goals I set for myself in the gym at the beginning of the year.  Becoming strong has been one of the most powerful transformations for me - from the inside out.
7. Sleeping in nearly every day.  {Yeah, I do feel a little bit bad about that, but I figure I earned it with all those night feedings years ago.}
8. New experiences.
{kayaking with friends on the Yellow River}

9. The opportunity to work again - and being even more lucky to get to work with Marty and Alex again - and to be able to do it all while keeping up with my little man at home.
10. Feeling littles crawl into our bed each night {and I do mean, every single night.}  It's hard to admit that we sort of like it, and while we sometimes wish they'd stay in their rooms, it makes me happy to feel how much we love each other.

Taking the time to be grateful today, and soaking in all the good in my life.


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