This is me.  

This is my space in the chaos of digital life.

What's this space for?  
Why, in the world, does the world need yet another blog?  

Well, to be honest, it doesn't.
But that's perfectly fine because this blog isn't for the world.
It's for me.
And it's also for you.

It's the space I come to when everywhere else feels off.
Where I come to figure out where I've been.  
Where I backtrack through my days and weeks and months and years.
Where I let myself live in the past, when that feels good.
Where I let myself build the future, when that feels right.

It's where I come to reflect.  
To witness myself working out this weirdly wonderful life. 
It's where I sift through the ashes to find the golden light.  
Where I count both the roses and the thorns.  And find the grace in both.

This is where I come to discover the beauty from the broken moments.  
Or perhaps to build that beauty myself.

Here you'll find pieces on motherhood, 
essays on the work of uncovering the core of who I am, 
alongside some silly tidbits from my life.

You'll witness me working things out.
Clinging to the unexpected flashes of insight.
Recording brief yet remarkable everyday moments.

You'll hear me beg the Universe to let me be a writer,
and watch as, 
little by little, 
I allow myself to acknowledge that I've always been one.

But, like I said, this space isn't just for me.
It's also for you.

It's for the mom who's trying to find her place again, 
trying to nurture her own soul alongside the souls of her children.

It's for the woman who longs to live a life she's not dared to speak aloud,
and for the one who thinks that, despite her best efforts, she can never be enough.

It's for the girl who insists on being perfect, pleasing everyone but herself
and in the process, has lost all sense of who she might become.

It's for those of us who are looking for our tribe again,
in the life beyond high school and college.

For those with a life that's saturated 
with to-do lists and should-do lists, social media and comparison,
the lie of doing it all, being it all.

And for those with a life full of love,
yet still missing a bit of the living part.

I know that girl.
I was her.
I am her.
This is her place.

It's a space for us to grow, 
to let our creativity flourish,
to set our souls free and watch them ignite.

It's been a lifelong dream of mine to be a writer.
This space is my imperfect beginning at achieving that.

I've told you what this space is for me.

Tell me now,
what do you need this space to be for you?

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