Friday, June 27, 2014

Tubing the Chattahoochee

As a family it's been our goal to live more from intention, to purposefully go out and do things together.  To make memories.  To spend our money and time on experiences instead of on things.

In that spirit, this past weekend, we finally made it to Helen to tube down the Chattahoochee River - something we've talked about doing for several years with the kids.  It was equal parts relaxing and invigorating!  There were several instances of getting stuck on the rocks, one fall out of the tube by my little guy, and a couple spots with rapids - which I think was everyone's favorite part.  Even my mother-in-law got in on the fun!  When we weren't fighting to stay afloat, we were enjoying the sunshine and breeze as we wound our way down the river.  

This little dude kept telling me he was "just relaxing a bit".  He's the cutest thing ever.  

The best thing about getting outside as a family is the peace that comes along with it.  There is no fighting, no bickering, no crying {for the most part}, no refereeing, no arguing.  Everyone is just so chill, so content.  Nothing but smiles and excited energy.  We even got to ride a bus upstream before we started, which, from the kids' point-of-view, was nearly as fun as the tubing!.  We all had so much fun.  I have a feeling we'll be making this a yearly tradition.  

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